Packing Sh*t

Friday, September 4, 2009

Purchased a lot of new things for the upcoming trip and now a major dilemma arises on how to stuff all of these, uhh, stuff in my luggage. There should be an emergency hotline for such thing. This is a natural disaster - it just happened.

One thing I cannot leave behind is this spanky pair of shoes I got from my friend, Michelle, who recently launched her shoe line called Poptart.

"Cruel Intentions" by Poptart

Other than that, I have 3 more pairs of shoes, 3 boxes of accessories, 4 purses, and a whole lotta clothes waiting to get settled in my suitcase. Thank God for these space saver vacuum bags. These things are key. I shall now spend the rest of tonight mapping out a cohesive packing plan for my three-month long mission. Good luck to me.

4 days.

PS. I like reading that most of the blogger scene is heading out to NYC for fashion week and knowing that I will be there too (for the latter part, at least) :)


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