Extreme Room Makeover

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I've been dreaming of doing a room makeover on my own bedroom + walk-in closet for the longest time. Ever since our house was renovated almost 10 years ago, I've had the same lavender walls, printed yellow curtains and periwinkle drapes. My walk-in closet is most non-functional as I have accumulated a lot of clothes that need to be hung rather than folded, bags that need their own cubbyholes, and basically have different closet needs as compared to a decade ago. Right now, I need a space that is both comfortable and functional with a modest color scheme.

My biggest bedroom inspiration: Serena's bedroom on Gossip Girl

Not a huge fan of the polka dots on the walls but everything else, I like. Especially the eclectic mix of furniture and accessories.

An uncluttered version would probably be this:

I want that headboard. LOVE.

I can't remember which blogger has this as her closet but I love that magazine pages cover her closet doors.

Would just really appreciate some organization in my closet because right now, all I have are four laundry bins and two couches stacked with clothes acting as my makeshift closet. Will start stocking up all the bins, trays, compartments, etc. that I need to create my happy place.


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